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A.W. Shucks

A.W. Shucks (0.01 miles)

2200 Colonial Ave

Norfolk, VA


We are located in the heart of Ghent in Norfolk, Considered by many as the local's favorite raw bar hangout for years providing the best in seafood and drinks. At Shucks, all we care about is fresh, good food and that our quests have a great experience when they come in to visit. Everything we do as a restaurant comes as a result of those two things. We pride ourselves on fresh local and regional seafood as well as a large selection of fresh oysters at our raw bar.
Pasha Mezze

Pasha Mezze (0.03 miles)

350 W 22nd St STE 114

Norfolk, VA


Mermaid Winery

Mermaid Winery (0.05 miles)

330 W 22nd St #106

Norfolk, VA


Mermaid Winery is located in the charming neighborhood Ghent. The mermaid is a mythical source of beauty that represents our vision to produce stunning wines. Our limited production wines are focused on articulating the characteristics of each varietal. The grapes are sourced from premiere vineyards in Virginia and California and we do our best to express their terroir. We hope you will be pleased with our creation. In addition to producing our own wines, we are also a wine bar and restaurant. We currently have 575 different wines from around the world for you to taste. We look forward to seeing you soon! Cheers!
Plaza Del Sol

Plaza Del Sol (0.06 miles)

2200 Colonial Ave

Norfolk, VA


Bardo Edibles & Elixirs

Bardo Edibles & Elixirs (0.07 miles)

430 W 21st St

Norfolk, VA


Our menu is composed of four tapas levels. Level one contains appetizers, level two is more entree-esque selections, yet still of the small plate tradition. Level three contains our side dishes. Level four is dessert. BUDDHA SAYS, "Bind your self-interest and control your ambition; forget your habits and simplify your affairs."
Belmont House of Smoke

Belmont House of Smoke (0.09 miles)

2117 Colonial Ave

Norfolk, VA


In 2001 The New Belmont opened, an idea realized by two friends, Richard Katz and David Filipowski, who wanted a place to eat great steaks and drink fine wine. But as time and appetites change so did our menu. Our award winning Low & Slow Texas style BBQ demanded a new name . . . The Belmont House of Smoke. Belmont House of Smoke has competed in numerous BBQ competitions proudly winning coveted trophies and titles thus putting us on the map as one of the best places to get great Q.
Jessy's Taco Bistro

Jessy's Taco Bistro (0.12 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Starbucks Coffee #14333

Starbucks Coffee #14333 (0.12 miles)

520 West 21st St

Norfolk, Virginia


Every day, we go to work hoping to do two things: share great coffee with our friends and help make the world a little better. It was true when the first Starbucks opened in 1971, and it's just as true today. Back then, the company was a single store in Seattle's historic Pike Place Market. From just a narrow storefront, Starbucks offered some of the world's finest fresh-roasted whole bean coffees. The name, inspired by Moby Dick, evoked the romance of the high seas and the seafaring tradition of the early coffee traders.

Toast (0.14 miles)

2406 Colonial Ave

Norfolk, VA


We make our own special Black Sesame Milk Bread and then create wonderful toasts and sandwiches. From the simple cinnamon sugar to big meatball ricotta tartines. Plus we have a lot of fun with cocktails and fun music event nights! Come enjoy some Toast!
Cafe Stella

Cafe Stella (0.18 miles)

1907 Colonial Ave

Norfolk, VA


Island Krave

Island Krave (0.18 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Cogans Pizza Ghent

Cogans Pizza Ghent (0.19 miles)

1901 Colonial Ave

Norfolk, VA


Shortly after opening The New Belmont (now Belmont House of Smoke), Dave Filipowski and Rich Katz started looking to reprise their first restaurant venture, Speedy's Tacos. They came across the old Cogans building on Colonial Ave., a former "instant art bar," where at one point various grunge artists and bands thrived. As former patrons of Cogans, they knew the grunge art and music needed to remain, but alas, tacos didn’t really fit the vibe. Dave and Rich the Cogans building was destined to be Norfolk's best pizza & beer joint with a punk rock flavor!
O'Connor Brewing Co. Tasting Room

O'Connor Brewing Co. Tasting Room (0.21 miles)

211 W 24th St

Norfolk, VA


O'Connor Brewing Co. is a mighty yet humble craft brewery located in an "industrial section" of Norfolk's Ghent neighborhood/district. Our mission is to create an original, world-class craft beer experience for all beer lovers through our innovative, evolving products and services while supporting our local communities. Cheers!

Andrea's (0.25 miles)

738 West 22nd St STE 7

Norfolk, VA


In 2007, a family tradition was carried out by Andrea Di Carlo, combining the warmth of traditional Italian dining experience with signature family recipes from the original Trattoria La Bella Italia in Virginia Beach on Laskin Road. Fresh ingredients and careful preparations aren’t surprising, given that chef-owner Andrea Di Carlo learned from his mother, Anna Alaimo, making fresh pasta with her since he was a young boy.
80/20 Burger Bar

80/20 Burger Bar (0.25 miles)

123 West 21st St

Norfolk, VA


At 80/20 we strive to use the best ingredients that we have at our disposal. All of our beef is sourced from Leaping Waters Farm in Shenandoah, VA and certified grass-fed and grass-finished. We utilize local proteins and produce available to us. Our objective is to support our area's local farmers and their products to provide a healthy, unique, and cost-conscious experience. We boast over 100 beers supporting every local brewery that we can get our hands on.
Coelacanth Brewing Company Tasting Room

Coelacanth Brewing Company Tasting Room (0.31 miles)

760 A West 22nd St

Norfolk, VA


Ugly Fish. Beautiful Beer. Award winning. We are in the heart of Ghent, close to Downtown Norfolk, the lively NEON Arts District and within a short distance of all of the most popular attractions in Norfolk. We're not huge - and we aren't owned by a big company - or even a bunch of investors. We are Family and Employee Owned. We're more than just another Brewery. We focus on creating unique takes on classic styles--crafting well-designed, balanced ales and authentic lagers. We don't make a bunch of hoppy beers. We don't make Pumpkin beer. We don't follow the crowd. We make our own path.
Luna Maya

Luna Maya (0.32 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Rip Rap Brewing Company Tasting Room

Rip Rap Brewing Company Tasting Room (0.38 miles)

116 E 25th St

Norfolk, Virginia


Rip Rap Brewing is a small microbrewery in Norfolk, VA. It was born out of a brewing passion of 'Liam, who started homebrewing while still serving in the Coast Guard. Rip Rap Brewing Co opened in April of 2016 with the help of another Coastie, Ben. Since then, the tasting room has expanded from four beers on tap to nine, started distributing to a small number of bars and restaurants in the local area, and participating in beer festivals. 'Liam loves is always looking for new styles of beer to bring to the ever rotating taps in the tasting room.
The Green Onion

The Green Onion (0.40 miles)

Norfolk, VA

No Frill Bar & Grill

No Frill Bar & Grill (0.41 miles)

806 Spotswood Ave

Norfolk, VA


Back in 1987 we opened on Tidewater Drive in Norfolk with a simple plan- Great, Big Food at Great Prices . . with a fantastic staff of devoted employees then and now (many are still with us) No Frill has stayed true to its mission. Come in and experience the electric atmosphere of a local's favorite.
Red Dog Saloon

Red Dog Saloon (0.45 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Colley Cantina

Colley Cantina (0.47 miles)

1316 Colley Ave

Norfolk, VA


Originally opening in 1991 Colley Cantina quickly became a staple of local culture; a great place to grab a beer, a shot, take a date and catch a live music show. But, as they say "all good things must end" and the infamous Colley Cantina was threatened with closing its doors. Long time patrons and fans of 'The Cantina' decided to keep the good times rolling, and in September 2014 Richard Katz and David Filipowski re-opened THE Colley Cantina.

Streats (0.47 miles)

915 W 21st St

Norfolk, VA


inspired by international street foods. vegan and gluten free friendly options.
Peck n Pour

Peck n Pour (0.47 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Tap House Grill at Ghent

Tap House Grill at Ghent (0.53 miles)

Norfolk, VA

The Public House

The Public House (0.55 miles)

1112 Colley Ave

Norfolk, VA


The Public House is The Ghent's premiere gastropub. That's a little fancy for our taste, so let's un-fancify it. To break it down: Gastronomy = the practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food. Pub = a tavern or bar. Put it together and you get: Good Food + Good Beer = The Public House.
CP Cafe

CP Cafe (0.79 miles)

Colonial Place / Riverview

Norfolk, Virginia

Livin' the dream in Historic Colonial Place.
Harrison Opera House

Harrison Opera House (0.79 miles)

160 W Virginia Beach Blvd

Norfolk, Virginia


The Edythe C. and Stanley L. Harrison Opera House, also known as the Harrison Opera House, is the official home of the Virginia Opera in the Neon District of Downtown Norfolk, Virginia on the border of the Ghent Square neighborhood. Once a World War II USO theater, this historic venue was renovated in 1993. ?he renovated Harrison Opera House has 1,632 seating capacity.
Small's Smokehouse + Oyster Bar

Small's Smokehouse + Oyster Bar (0.81 miles)

2700 Hampton Blvd

Norfolk, VA


The Smalls are no strangers to Norfolk and Hampton Boulevard. John Small Sr. started a hardware store in 1919, on the corner of Hampton Blvd. and 43rd street. Small's Hardware quickly became a staple within the community, welcoming everyone into the family business. In February 2013, John III and his youngest son, Logan, opened Small's Smokehouse + Oyster Bar on Hampton Boulevard. The restaurant is about 7 blocks from where the hardware store stood. When the last tenant moved out in 2011, renovations began for the restaurant. The Small family has served Hampton Blvd. and the surrounding communities for over 4 generations.
Press 626 Cafe & Wine Bar

Press 626 Cafe & Wine Bar (0.81 miles)

Norfolk, VA


Fellini's (0.83 miles)

3910 Colley Ave

Norfolk, VA


The Dirty Buffalo - North Colley

The Dirty Buffalo - North Colley (0.87 miles)

4012 Colley Ave

Norfolk, VA


Bold Mariner Brewing Company Tasting Room

Bold Mariner Brewing Company Tasting Room (0.92 miles)

2409 Bowdens Ferry Rd

Norfolk, VA


Just as the city of Norfolk has its history rooted to the sea, so does The Bold Mariner Brewing Company. The Brewery's owner and founder Michael Stacks comes from a long line of U.S. Naval service, as well as beer brewers. Michael has continued his family's legacy and decided that there was no better place then Norfolk, VA to establish The Bold Mariner Brewing Company.

Orapax (0.97 miles)

1300 Redgate Ave

Norfolk, VA


When you visit The Orapax restaurant, you're entering Hampton Roads Premier Greek restaurant. We have been in business for over 50 years. Our atmosphere is welcoming to all that are looking for fresh authentic Greek cuisine as well as Italian and American cuisine and a great Kids menu.
Nouvelle Restaurant

Nouvelle Restaurant (0.98 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Benchtop Brewing Company Tasting Room

Benchtop Brewing Company Tasting Room (0.99 miles)

1129 Boissevain Ave

Norfolk, Virginia


Benchtop was founded to create brews utilizing innovative processes and ingredients. We use our tasting room as a research facility to fine tune our beverages in the name of continuous improvement based on what people really want. Don't mistake this for us saying we will be everything to everyone. We have no desire to quench the thirst of those who prefer the boring and mediocre. We strike a harmonious blend between this scientific approach and the artistic freedom to add local ingredients that create a truly unique tasting experience.
Mack's Barge

Mack's Barge (1.00 miles)

4300 Colley Ave

Norfolk, VA


Bearded Bird Brewing Tasting Room

Bearded Bird Brewing Tasting Room (1.01 miles)

727 Granby St

Norfolk, Virginia


Bearded Bird Brewing is a small micro- brewery in the heart of Norfolk, Va's NEON district. With our ever growing taps we have found a way to combine the enjoyment of craft beer with the creativity of homebrewing. Our taps are compromised of in-house creations by our Head Brewer Joe Cloonan and winners of our quarterly home brew competition.
Hank's Filling Station

Hank's Filling Station (1.01 miles)

4301 Colley Ave

Norfolk, Virginia


Backyard beer and bourbon in North Colley. Our meats are smoked in our backyard, or cured and aged in-house. Our produce is fresh, seasonal and locally sourced.
Cogans Pizza North

Cogans Pizza North (1.03 miles)

4311 Colley Ave

Norfolk, VA


The North Colley location, lovingly referred to as Cogans North, has already been a huge success in its two short years. The pizza is just as tasty, the beer just as cold, but with a few more taps--44 to be exact--and a two tap beer engine that pours real Cask Ale. Each Friday evening, Cogans North hosts #FirkinFriday where they tap a new specially made firkin from local craft brewers.
Smartmouth Norfolk Tasting Room

Smartmouth Norfolk Tasting Room (1.05 miles)

1309 Raleigh Ave

Norfolk, VA


For a taste of all things Smartmouth, visit our original tasting room in the Chelsea district of Norfolk. It's the place-to-be if you're looking to enjoy a fresh pint, pick up a keg, grab some cans or fill your growler.
MJ's Tavern

MJ's Tavern (1.07 miles)

4019 Granby St

Norfolk, VA


MJ's Tavern is located at 4019 Granby St. in the Colonial Place / River View neighborhood. Locally owned and community committed, our friendly staff will make you feel at home! A cornerstone of the LGBTQ community since our opening in 2012, MJ's Tavern is open for everyone! From our daily menu specials to our awesome happy hours and nighttime entertainment offerings, MJ's has it all!
Starving Artist Cafe

Starving Artist Cafe (1.07 miles)

4408 Colley Ave

Norfolk, VA


Kim Keene opened the shop in January, 2014, as the Paint Gallery. At that time it was a frame shop, art gallery, and working art studio where painting classes were offered. Bridget Varney attended one of Kim’s paint classes, and soon after, she and Kim started talking about opening a cafe inside the gallery. Bridget had restaurant experience and always dreamed of having her own cafe. Kim was the starving artist so it was a perfect plan.
The Birch

The Birch (1.08 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Torch Bistro

Torch Bistro (1.09 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Charlie's American Cafe

Charlie's American Cafe (1.09 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Tortilla West

Tortilla West (1.10 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Tidewater Boat Club

Tidewater Boat Club (1.11 miles)

798 W 45th St

Norfolk, Virginia


The Tidewater Boat Club is a private club of boating and fishing enthusiasts. Located on Kitting Mill Creek in Norfolk Virginia, the Club consists of a clubhouse with 30 x 30 deck, and a dock with 27 slips.
LeGrand Kitchen

LeGrand Kitchen (1.13 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Baxter's Sports Lounge

Baxter's Sports Lounge (1.17 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Leone's Italian

Leone's Italian (1.19 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Mojo Bones

Mojo Bones (1.19 miles)

4502 Monarch Way

Norfolk, VA


Omar's Carriage House

Omar's Carriage House (1.19 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Mi Hogar Mexican Restaurant

Mi Hogar Mexican Restaurant (1.20 miles)

Norfolk, VA

456 Fish

456 Fish (1.20 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Scotty Quixx

Scotty Quixx (1.22 miles)

436 Granby St

Norfolk, Virginia


Scotty Quixx is the place to see and be seen. The hottest lounge and nightclub downtown Norfolk has ever seen, Scotty Quixx Lounge & Bistro on Granby Street. This exclusive venue occupying Granby Street is just one block west of the Norfolk Scope, Scotty Quixx represents the highest value dining, titillating cocktails and conversations topped off with the ultimate nightlife scene. Globetrotting party-goers and music enthusiasts from all around the world have been attracted to Scotty Quixx since 2003. Scotty Quixx is a full-service bar and restaurant and has an outdoor patio where you can enjoy the best dinning that Granby Street has to offer.
Field Guide

Field Guide (1.22 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Crackers Little Bar Bistro

Crackers Little Bar Bistro (1.24 miles)

4226 Granby St

Norfolk, VA


Crackers was voted one of the top 60 neighborhood restaurants in the U.S. by inSTYLE magazine in 2003. This ultra funky martini and tapas bar will quickly become your favorite neighborhood spot, even if you don't live in the neighborhood.
Freemason Abbey Restaurant & Tavern

Freemason Abbey Restaurant & Tavern (1.26 miles)

Norfolk, VA


Gershwin's (1.32 miles)

Norfolk, VA

FM Restaurant

FM Restaurant (1.34 miles)

Norfolk, VA

The Pagoda

The Pagoda (1.39 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Saint Germain

Saint Germain (1.40 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Hair of The Dog

Hair of The Dog (1.41 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Big Easy Grill & Oyster Bar

Big Easy Grill & Oyster Bar (1.41 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Granby Street Pizza

Granby Street Pizza (1.43 miles)

Norfolk, VA

219 Bistro

219 Bistro (1.46 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Humboldt Steel Corporation

Humboldt Steel Corporation (1.51 miles)

150 Boush St

Norfolk, VA


Over the years Paul Bunyan and Babe his great blue ox began to slow down and appreciate the finer things in life. This began their personal pursuit to acquire the best of mountain water, hops, and barley that California had to offer. No longer needing it for lumber, Paul Bunyan began to use the Skunk Rail to transport all of the finest hops and barley that could be found throughout CA., and bring them directly to his home in Humboldt, CA.
Chartreuse Bistro

Chartreuse Bistro (1.52 miles)

Norfolk, VA

The Vineyards Norfolk

The Vineyards Norfolk (1.53 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Java Surf Cafe & Espresso Bar

Java Surf Cafe & Espresso Bar (1.53 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Starbucks Coffee #1014516

Starbucks Coffee #1014516 (1.54 miles)

141 Granby St

Norfolk, Virginia


Every day, we go to work hoping to do two things: share great coffee with our friends and help make the world a little better. It was true when the first Starbucks opened in 1971, and it's just as true today. Back then, the company was a single store in Seattle's historic Pike Place Market. From just a narrow storefront, Starbucks offered some of the world's finest fresh-roasted whole bean coffees. The name, inspired by Moby Dick, evoked the romance of the high seas and the seafaring tradition of the early coffee traders.
Jack Brown's Beer & Burger Joint

Jack Brown's Beer & Burger Joint (1.56 miles)

Norfolk, VA

3 Way Cafe

3 Way Cafe (1.56 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Todd Jurich's Bistro

Todd Jurich's Bistro (1.57 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen (1.58 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk Tap Room

Norfolk Tap Room (1.61 miles)

Norfolk, VA


Grain (1.61 miles)

100 E Main St

Norfolk, Virginia


At Grain, we're elevating the beer garden concept, all the way to the roof of the Hilton Norfolk The Main to be exact. With one of the best selections of craft beer in Norfolk, this rooftop lounge brings the indoors out and the outdoors in with an open air patio and fire pit set against spectacular views of the Elizabeth River. Play a game of lawn chess in the patio's backyard garden vibe or rack-up a game in the upscale billiards room, Grain is your destination to relax and unwind.
Shula's 347 Grill

Shula's 347 Grill (1.66 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Blue Moon TapHouse

Blue Moon TapHouse (1.74 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Starr Hill Market Bar

Starr Hill Market Bar (1.76 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Waterside Festival Marketplace

Waterside Festival Marketplace (1.76 miles)

333 Waterside Dr

Norfolk, VA


Waterside District is Norfolk's newest waterfront experience! Located in the heart of the central business district and adjacent to the city of Norfolk's world-class waterfront, Waterside District is a central gathering place for local residents, visitors and businesses. Waterside District is open year-round, day and night to accommodate next-level dining and entertainment for all ages. We look forward to seeing you!
PBR Norfolk

PBR Norfolk (1.76 miles)

Norfolk, VA

Harbor Park

Harbor Park (1.94 miles)

150 Park Ave

Norfolk, Virginia


Harbor Park is proud to be the home of the Norfolk Tides, the Baltimore Orioles AAA baseball team. Nestled on the Elizabeth River, the 36-acre Harbor Park also hosts NCAA baseball, concerts, high school football and the ever-popular Haunted Harbor Park. The 12,067 seat stadium boasts 20 luxury suites, press facilities, including two TV broadcasting booths, and a 300-seat restaurant. Harbor Park also features a complete picnic area for private parties, as well as an exceptional variety of concession food and beverages for stadium guests.
Guads At Granby

Guads At Granby (3.17 miles)

7515 Granby St

Norfolk, Virginia


Located in the heart of Norfolk in Wards Corner, Guads@Granby is proud to serve our military and offer a discount everyday! Guads has quickly become a neighborhood favorite. We have a large dining room and plenty of seating at our bar as well as a side room for large parties or special events.
Back Bay Bistro

Back Bay Bistro (5.05 miles)

Norfolk, Virginia

MoMac Brewing Company Tasting Room

MoMac Brewing Company Tasting Room (5.74 miles)

3228 Academy Ave

Portsmouth, Virginia


MoMac is by the community, for the community. We started brewing in a Chesapeake garage, and are proud to give Western Hampton Roads a brewery of its own. It’s more than beer for us; we want to be a place where the whole neighborhood can have fun. That's why we’ve got a huge bar, comfortable indoor and outdoor seating, a private party area, weekend shows featuring killer musicians, visits from the best food trucks in town, and - yes - even a place for the kids to play.
Ocean View Fishing Pier

Ocean View Fishing Pier (6.57 miles)

400 W Ocean View Ave

Norfolk, Virginia


Fishing pier, restaurant, tackle shop, head boats, pier gear, events, banquets, fishing camp, waterslide.
Commonwealth Brewing Company Tasting Room

Commonwealth Brewing Company Tasting Room (8.92 miles)

2444 Pleasure House Rd

Virginia Beach, VA


Oozlefinch Craft Brewery Tasting Room

Oozlefinch Craft Brewery Tasting Room (9.65 miles)

81 Patch Rd

Fort Monroe, VA


Founder/owner Russel Tinsley first began dreaming in 2010 of one day opening his own brewery. After reading a book by Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione and visiting the Rehoboth Beach brewpub, Russel realized his love for craft beer was more than a casual interest. He set out to learn everything possible about the brewing process, and he and his wife Rebekah started the journey of building a brewery that blended their vision of history, innovation, and community. Fort Monroe, Virginia, a recently decommissioned military base rich in American history, soon became the ideal setting for the future brewery's home. After years of tireless dedication from a hardworking team (and some, blood, sweat, and tears along the way), The Oozlefinch Craft Brewery finally opened its doors to the public on September 3, 2016. And the rest, as they say, is history.
Sly Clyde Ciderworks Tasting Room

Sly Clyde Ciderworks Tasting Room (10.26 miles)

207 E. Mellen St

Hampton, Virginia


We make Sly Clyde Cider by using 100% Virginia Apples and exploiting their fully fermentable sugars. Because it's fermented fruit juice, the cider production process shares much more with wine than it does with beer. But we sell it in bottles and cans like beer so you are sure to find it in your favorite bars and restaurants. Sometimes we ferment our ciders on delicious mint, like our INKJET cider. Sometimes we ferment our ciders with fresh ginger and lemon, packing a deliciously refreshing punch, like CUT & RUN. And sometimes you just want a fresh, clean apple taste like you get in a can of SUBMERSIVE. Watch for more hard ciders being introduced with each season.
Bull Island Brewing Co. Tasting Room

Bull Island Brewing Co. Tasting Room (11.04 miles)

758 Settlers Landing Rd

Hampton, Virginia


Hampton's oldest waterfront brewery
Pleasure House Brewing Tasting Room

Pleasure House Brewing Tasting Room (11.59 miles)

3025 Shore Dr

Virginia Beach, Virginia


At Pleasure House Brewing we are passionate about two things: making great beer and serving our community! All 11 of our taps pour beer made right here in house! We aim to keep a few favorites around at all times: award­winning Glo Belgian Blond, Rudee Inlet DIPA, and OB's Wattleseed Stout. In addition, we rotate through new and familiar recipes to provide 2 Hoppy Beers, 2 Belgian Style Ales, 2 Malty beers, 2 Seasonals, a Saison, and a Kettle­Soured Ale. There’s almost always something for everyone.
Crabshack Seafood Restaurant

Crabshack Seafood Restaurant (13.27 miles)

7601 River Rd

Newport News, Virginia


Established in 1993, Crab Shack was a seasonal, open-aired restaurant. In the spring of 1997, the Crab Shack was renovated into a larger indoor and outdoor restaurant. The small rustic shack, which consisted of six picnic tables, was transformed into an indoor restaurant which now seats over two hundred patrons and enables us to operate all year long.
Reaver Beach Brewing Co. Tasting Room

Reaver Beach Brewing Co. Tasting Room (13.41 miles)

1505 Taylor Farm Rd

Virginia Beach, VA

Reaver Beach was founded by newlyweds Justin and Kristin MacDonald in the Fall of 2010. What began on a small pilot system has grown into a production-scale brewery specializing in hop-forward ales and wild fermentation in oak.
Young Veterans Brewing Company Tasting Room

Young Veterans Brewing Company Tasting Room (13.71 miles)

2505 Horse Pasture Rd Ste 104

Virginia Beach, Virginia


For Young Veterans Brewing Company (YVBC) brewing is about love. Since our first batch, we have been delighted by the artistry of the process and the creativity of recipe development and perfection. We are captivated by the detail and scientific precision required during the production and maturation processes. Mostly though, we love the joy we provide with our distinctive, high quality beer. We obsess about our recipes, their quality and the professionalism with which we continue to improve them. When you do what you love and discover a growing and lucrative market for the products you produce the argument is easy to make. Make beer because you love it.
Wasserhund Brewing Co. Tasting Room

Wasserhund Brewing Co. Tasting Room (13.99 miles)

1805 Laskin Rd STE 102

Virginia Beach, Virginia


Wasserhund Brewing Company, meaning "water dog" in German, was born from a love of the beach, dogs, and German beer. We aspire to bring the German beer culture to Virginia Beach in the best way . . . by brewing the highest quality ales and lagers and providing the environment to enjoy them with family, friends, and just good company. We also match our beer with artisan pizza made to order in our brick oven. Or you can order beer sausages and add some sauerkraut for a real German experience. Call it whatever you want . . . we call it German style brewing with a Beach kick. Really, it's great beer and great times. Prost
Hilton Tavern

Hilton Tavern (14.17 miles)

10184 Warwick Blvd

Newport News, Virginia


Hilton tavern has been a staple in Newport News since. 1930. Opened originally as Adams now here we are in 2017. We are not here to rewrite history simply to add to the next chapter of this already historic building. So Join us are we start on this new adventure of craft brewing family feel and great down home cooking.
Tapped Gastropub

Tapped Gastropub (14.59 miles)

1550 Laskin Rd STE 198

Virginia Beach, Virginia


Welcome! Here you can learn all about TAPPED Gastropub of Virginia Beach, VA. And if you happen to have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us anytime! Gastropub you say? Gastropub is a public house (pub) which provides high quality grub to complement an extensive drink selection. This Gastropub has an environment which is relaxed and focused on offering a comfortable and high quality experience while supporting our local community through a farm to table food philosophy.
Smartmouth Virginia Beach Tasting Room

Smartmouth Virginia Beach Tasting Room (16.41 miles)

313 32nd St

Virginia Beach, Virginia


Located in a former post office, just three blocks from the Virginia Beach oceanfront, the fully-renovated Pilot House is home to a small-batch brewing system, private event space and tasting room. It's the ideal pre-beach, post-beach and instead-of-the-beach spot for those looking to enjoy a fresh pint.
Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center (16.59 miles)

717 General Booth Blvd

Virginia Beach, Virginia


The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, formerly known as the Virginia Marine Science Museum, is an aquarium and marine science museum located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, just south of Rudee Inlet. The exhibits at the museum are contained in over 800,000 US gallons of fresh and saltwater displays.
St. George Brewing Co. Tasting Room

St. George Brewing Co. Tasting Room (16.84 miles)

204 Challenger Way

Hampton, VA


Tradition Brewing Company Tasting Room

Tradition Brewing Company Tasting Room (17.80 miles)

700 Thimble Shoals Blvd

Newport News, Virginia


Located at the entrance of City Center at Oyster Point, our 20-barrel Deutsche Beverage Technology brewing system can be seen in action while seated in the tasting room or 2nd floor mezzanine. Traditions on Tap include our Hull 488 India Pale Ale, Red Willie Irish Red and Mothership Cream Ale. Our seasonal brews, such as Invicto Mexican Lager, are constantly revolving to keep your tastebuds hoppy! All of our ingredients are specially selected and carefully inspected to maximize flavor and quality with every sip.
Vancostas Restaurant

Vancostas Restaurant (22.67 miles)

14745 Warwick Blvd

Newport News, VA


Our Mediterranean restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes to tempt your taste buds. We are family-owned-and-operated. Since 1972, we've been in the same location at 14745 Warwick Boulevard in the Denbigh community of Newport News, Virginia, only minutes to Williamsburg, Yorktown, Gloucester, and surrounding areas.
The Virginia Beer Co. Tasting Room

The Virginia Beer Co. Tasting Room (34.68 miles)

401 Second St

Williamsburg, Virginia


We are a former financial analyst, a former consultant, and a former high school teacher turned professional brewer joining forces to open a community-based and philanthropy-focused force for good in the form of a brewery! The seed for such a business was sown in 2007, during the co-founders' time at the nearby College of William & Mary (over a beer or two at the local craft beer bar, if we're honest). In 2010, "We could do it?" became "We should do it!" and research & planning began in earnest. The search for a suitable facility began in 2012, and following more than two years of agonizing near-misses and endless building tours, we finally found our home, less than two miles from the heart of Downtown Williamsburg. 401 Second Street is now the home of The Virginia Beer Company!
DoG Street Pub

DoG Street Pub (35.43 miles)

401 W Duke Of Gloucester St

Williamsburg, Virginia


We've transformed an eighty-year-old bank into the only Gastropub that belongs on the most historic avenue in all America. June 2012, Chef David Everett opened DoG Street Pub committed to honoring the dignity and heritage of its namesake, Duke of Gloucester Street, in Williamsburg.
C&H Oyster Bar

C&H Oyster Bar (36.94 miles)

1524 N Road St

Elizabeth City, North Carolina

C&H Oyster Bar is a locally owned Seasonal Restaurant with the Best Seafood In Town!! We have been recognized in National and State Magazines so come enjoy some Great Seafood and indulge in North Carolina's finest hospitality!
Alewerks Brewing Company Tasting Room

Alewerks Brewing Company Tasting Room (38.99 miles)

197 B Ewell Rd

Williamsburg, Virginia


In 2006 Charles "Chuck" Haines commenced a new stage in his life, gathering a group of investors to open Williamsburg Alewerks LLC. Inspired by time spent in Europe, Chuck aimed to share his passion for authentic, craft brewed ales with his friends in Virginia. Though not that far in the past, the scene was not nearly as friendly to craft breweries as it is now. Alewerks survived a challenging marketplace thanks to Chuck's tenacity and eye for talent. Too often queried, "What is Williamsburg Alewerks?" the more descriptive moniker "Alewerks Brewing Company" was adopted.
Hardywood Park Craft Brewery Tasting Room

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery Tasting Room (78.32 miles)

2408 Ownby Ln

Richmond, Virginia


The story of how Hardywood Park Craft Brewery came to be is quite literally as old as its co-founders, Eric McKay and Patrick Murtaugh. Their parents met first, setting the stage for a childhood friendship that would develop over decades into a shared passion for craft beer. While honing their craft as home brewers, Eric and Pat built the foundation for Hardywood Park by experiencing craft beer culture and learning every facet of the industry.
Buskey Cider

Buskey Cider (78.87 miles)

2910 W Leigh St

Richmond, Virginia


Buskey Cider opened in April 2016 in the popular craft beverage neighborhood of Scott's Addition in Richmond, Virginia. Focusing on semi-sweet and dryer ciders in addition to using innovative techniques typically found in beer, Buskey is receiving great interest and enthusiasm about their refreshing cider. Buskey is currently distributing on draft and in cans in Richmond through Loveland Distributing and in Hampton Roads through Chesbay, and we're excited to continue expanding throughout the state.
Strangeways Brewing RVA Tasting Room

Strangeways Brewing RVA Tasting Room (80.29 miles)

2277 Dabney Rd STE A

Richmond, Virginia


Strangeways Brewing is a one-of-a-kind, 8,400 square-foot production brewery that is open to the public daily. It houses multiple tasting room spaces, and always has 36+ unique beers on tap. RateBeer named Strangeways "Best Brewery Tap Room in Virginia" in 2014/2015 and 2015/2016. One of the tasting room spaces houses an exquisitely peculiar bar, laden with hundreds of curious oddities and breweriana pieces. A second tasting room space allows you to view the brewing equipment and processes alongside a backdrop of 200+ spirit and wine barrels, in which a variety of unique beers are carefully aged for your imbibing pleasure. In addition, there is an outdoor Biergarten where you can enjoy the weather, grab a bite to eat from the ever-rotating food trucks on site, relax with the pooches, or play some cornhole. The exquisitely peculiar main bar, along with funky decor showcased by local artisans throughout the brewery, are not to be missed while visiting RVA.
Steam Bell Beer Works

Steam Bell Beer Works (81.56 miles)

1717 Oak Lake Blvd E

Midlothian, Virginia


Steam Bell Beer Works was founded on a passion for community. We are brewer-owned and consider everyone who walks through our doors to be family. We are inspired by the desire to celebrate the end of a long day with great beer and even better friends. We use only the highest quality ingredients to brew an exceptional selection of beers that honor tradition, history, and innovation in the industry. We are here for the locals and out of towners, the working people and the party people, the brewers and the consumers. At Steam Bell Beer Works, our beer is for everyone.
Center of the Universe Brewing Co. Tasting Room

Center of the Universe Brewing Co. Tasting Room (84.38 miles)

11293 Air Park Rd

Ashland, Virginia


The Center of the Universe Brewing Company began back in 2009 when Chris Ray and his brother Phil began brewing beer in their houses. The hobby turned into an obsession, and the obsession has led them to open up a craft brewery in Ashland, Virginia. Located in the heart of Central Virginia, it is affectionately known as "The Center of the Universe". COTU will be brewing an assortment of ales using only whole ingredients, while sticking to the traditional all-natural method of brewing beer.
Kindred Spirit Brewing Tasting Room

Kindred Spirit Brewing Tasting Room (89.24 miles)

12830 W Creek Pkwy

Richmond, Virginia


Kindred Spirit Brewing is a locally owned Craft brewery located in Goochland County focusing on producing the best craft beer, creating new takes on classic styles and treating our customers to our great beers in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.
Midnight Brewery Tasting Room

Midnight Brewery Tasting Room (92.68 miles)

2410 Granite Ridge Rd

Rockville, Virginia


Midnight Brewery is family owned and operated; we answer to ourselves and ourselves alone. Craft brewing the best beers possible is our passion. We brew beers that we love, and we know you'll love them as well. We're proud to continue the great tradition of locally brewed Richmond beers. Be sure to come to the brewery, located in Rockville, VA (just minutes from Short Pump) or stop in one of the stores or restaurants that serve Midnight.
Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery Tasting Room

Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery Tasting Room (109.35 miles)

4100 Knolls Point Dr

Goochland, Virginia


Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery is a water-conscious, biologically friendly farm brewery carefully crafting unique and innovative beers. Set on a 290 acre farm in the heart of Virginia. LCCB grows hops, barley, herbs and spices for use in our Estate Series of beers. Lickinghole Creek is a water-conscious brewery. We brew with well water drawn from the deep. Our wastewater is purified on site and returned to the Lickinghole Creek watershed. Our name pays homage to Little Lickinghole Creek, which runs through the farm's rolling hills. Since precolonial times the creek has been known as the Lickinghole where wildlife stopped to drink from the nourishing waters. May the tradition continue.
Strangeways Brewing FXBG Tasting Room

Strangeways Brewing FXBG Tasting Room (114.99 miles)

350 Lansdowne Rd

Fredericksburg, Virginia


Strangeways Brewing Fredericksburg is a one-of-a-kind, 10,100 square-foot production brewery that is open to the public daily. It houses multiple tasting room spaces, and has 96 draft lines, split between the inside tasting room and the outdoor Biergarten. The main tasting room is fully temperature-conditioned and showcases a 100-foot, exquisitely peculiar bar, laden with thousands of curious oddities and breweriana pieces. From here you can gaze upon the funky decor, as well as view the brewing equipment and processes. Two fully temperature-conditioned private event spaces each have a different vibe to easily host anything from a smaller, more intimate gathering, to large 200+ person groups. A sizable arcade and free board game area provides fun and entertainment for all ages, and an art gallery and lounge showcases the work of local artisans. The outdoor Biergarten has a large patio, comfortable seating with umbrellas, a 30-foot granite bar, and wooded views. This is the place to enjoy the weather, grab a bite to eat from the ever-rotating food trucks on site, relax with the pooches, or play some cornhole.
Capital Ale House

Capital Ale House (116.84 miles)

917 Caroline St

Fredericksburg, Virginia


Capital Ale House is Virginia's beer authority, welcoming the citizens of the Commonwealth with the best food, most knowledgeable staff and largest selection of craft and imported brews. With five locations - three in the Richmond-area, one in Fredericksburg and one in Harrisonburg - Capital Ale House is on a mission to elevate the hospitality industry and educate its patrons on all things beer.
Mother Earth Brewing Tasting Room

Mother Earth Brewing Tasting Room (130.48 miles)

311 N Herritage St

Kinston, North Carolina


Take the goodness of garden-grown products, the warmth of small town life, the earthy ethic of rock 'n roll, a deep respect for a time-honored craft . . . and you have the ingredients of Mother Earth Brewing. Born in the summer of 2008, Mother Earth is the dream-child of Stephen Hill and Trent Mooring, two guys from Kinston, North Carolina, a sweet southern town in the heart of the old tobacco belt.
Potter's Craft Cider

Potter's Craft Cider (140.81 miles)

209 Monticello Rd

Charlottesville, Virginia


Our story is the story of two friends, Tim Edmond and Dan Potter. The short version is that we are college buddies who shared a love of home-brewing beer, which chance and good fortune transformed into a passion for craft cider. Our path to cider-making was roundabout, but cider embodied the perfect confluence of our interests in agriculture, fermentation, experimentation and discovery. Our journeys and backgrounds have given us unique perspectives that influence our approach to cider-making, from the apples that we use to the way that we choose to do business.
Champion Brewing Company Tasting Room

Champion Brewing Company Tasting Room (140.90 miles)

324 6th S St

Charlottesville, VA


South Street Brewery Tasting Room

South Street Brewery Tasting Room (141.15 miles)

106 South Street West

Charlottesville, Virginia


Welcome to the rebirth of Charlottesville's longest-running brewery and pub! South Street Brewery was purchased in 2014 by Blue Mountain Brewery, whose owners have a deep connection with this storied brewing establishment. Two of Blue Mountain's founders--Mandi and Taylor Smack--both worked for South Street over a decade ago, Taylor having been the brewer from late 2001 until early 2007. Our company is committed to maintaining and revitalizing this important Charlottesville landmark and gathering place.
Beer Hound Brewery

Beer Hound Brewery (142.88 miles)

201 Waters Pl #102

Culpeper, Virginia


Founder, Kenny Thacker, originally got into brewing beer as a business opportunity with a full-service homebrewing store, The Fermentation Trap.  Since that time, he has fallen in love with beer and brewing and felt compelled to do it professionally, and in 2014, Kenny opened Beer Hound Brewery.
Old Bust Head Brewing Co.

Old Bust Head Brewing Co. (148.83 miles)

7134 Farm Station Rd

Warrenton, Virginia


Old Bust Head Brewing Company is named for a rural crossroads in the rolling hills of Fauquier County, Virginia. The locals who dubbed the corner 'Bust Head' enjoyed not only the potent libations brewed there, but also a little good humor. Some say the nickname came about when a neighbor fell off his horse after 'overindulging' at the corner shop one evening. Others say the locals who drank there were partial to Saturday night fights, or that they just fell down and busted their heads on the rough old country road. One thing is certain, Bust Head was a place that brought folks together in good spirits and built community--and that's what we hope to do here at Old Bust Head Brewing Company. While we're serious about the art of crafting exceptional beer, and about our passion for the environment, we endeavor-like the folks who raised the glass at the first Bust Head-to keep things playfully in perspective and make life a bit more enjoyable for all of us.
Tin Cannon Brewing Tasting Room

Tin Cannon Brewing Tasting Room (149.72 miles)

7679 Limestone Dr Ste 130

Gainesville, Virginia


At Tin Cannon Brewing we are internally driven and extremely passionate about creating new and unique beers. Any style is open to interpretation. Historically, Aaron Ludwig has brewed to traditional styles, and John Hilkert liked to veer slightly off of the classic path and push style guidelines. As brewers, we believe that it's up to us to brew as great a beer as we possibly can so we can introduce our customers to both classic and new tastes. We're continually experimenting with new ideas. Of course, it takes great consideration to design a style that pushes the limits, and we don’t make changes just for the sake of being different. When it comes to Tin Cannon's beers, just as in culinary arts, we look for ingredients that complement and contrast certain flavors.
Starr Hill Brewery Tasting Room

Starr Hill Brewery Tasting Room (151.67 miles)

5391 Three Notched Rd

Crozet, Virginia


Born in a Charlottesville music hall in 1999, Starr Hill Brewery was founded out of a passion for great beer and live music. Among the most award-winning craft breweries on the East Coast, Starr Hill has won 22 Great American Beer Festival, World Beer Cup and Great British Beer Festival medals. Starr Hill beer is distributed throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern regions.
Devils Backbone Brewing Company Tasting Room

Devils Backbone Brewing Company Tasting Room (155.55 miles)

50 Northwind La

Lexington, Virginia


One might say the spark for the idea behind the brewery happened in 1992 with a visit to Cortina, Italy. Founders, Steve and Heidi Crandall were on a ski trip and were introduced to a German beer called Weihenstephan. This first real "craft" beer experience started a trend in the Crandall household, planting the seed that slowly grew into an idea, and then bloomed to become Devils Backbone Brewing Company. With some great friends, the Crandalls began to further foster the idea of a small, environmentally sensitive, pedestrian-friendly, and community-focused business development. "The Village at Glen Mary" community was born and its flagship business would be the Devils Backbone Brewing Company, opening its doors in 2008.
Heavy Seas Alehouse

Heavy Seas Alehouse (167.81 miles)

1300 Bank St

Baltimore, Maryland


Beer takes us on adventures. It allows us to discover new flavors and cultures. Our quest for great beer can lead anywhere, from corner pubs to faraway breweries. For Heavy Seas founder, Hugh Sisson, beer altered the trajectory of his life. In 1980, intending to become a stage actor and director, Hugh's plan was to move to NYC after completing his course work for a masters degree in theater. Hugh's father, Albert, a Baltimore area businessman, persuaded him instead to come "help" at a newly opened family business, a tavern called Sisson's. When Hugh showed up to start what he assumed would be a short-term position, his father tossed him the keys to the pub, said "OK, don't f*** up!" and walked out the door.
Parkway Brewing Company Tasting Room

Parkway Brewing Company Tasting Room (200.69 miles)

739 Kessler Mill Rd

Salem, Virginia


Our tasting room is an extension of our core beliefs and principles; fresh beer, the company of those we love, our community, good food, and quality local music. There is something for everyone to enjoy here. Whether you want to kick up your feet & relax on the couch while getting lost in the fire, exercise your brain at trivia night, supporting a local charity, or dance alongside your friends to one of our many bands, we've got you covered. We also sprinkle in a variety of events throughout the year, such as, the Oyster Roast, Ping Pong Tournament, and the Pig Pickin. We love to enjoy this thing called life. Parkway Brewing gives back to our community by donating the sales of pilot beers to local charities, hosting food & clothing drives, and providing relief supplies to areas devastated by disaster. If you share our love for everything enjoyable, come out and see us. We love to meet new friends over a pint, or two, of great craft beer.
Victory Brewing Company Tasting Room

Victory Brewing Company Tasting Room (218.92 miles)

420 Acorn La

Downington, Pennsylvania


Victory Brewing Company opened its doors to the public on Feb. 15, 1996. What was once a Pepperidge Farm factory became home to a 144-seat restaurant, 70-foot-long bar and a full-scale brewery. In its first year, Victory Brewing Company brewed 1,725 barrels of beer. Since then, Victory has increased the size of the restaurant to 300 seats. The brewery has also expanded, producing  125,713 barrels of beer in 2014. As loyal craft beer drinkers continue to show their dedication to flavorful, quality beer, Victory plans to continue its own growth. Onward to Victory!
Brü Collar Brewing Company

Brü Collar Brewing Company (276.72 miles)

Marion, VA

Macado's Cafe & Bar

Macado's Cafe & Bar (277.09 miles)

Marion, VA

Wooden Pickle Food & Spirits

Wooden Pickle Food & Spirits (277.13 miles)

120 E Main St

Marion, VA

Bullfrog Brewery Tasting Room

Bullfrog Brewery Tasting Room (304.38 miles)

229 W 4th St

Williamsport, Pennsylvania


Founded in 1996, Bullfrog Brewery is an award-winning craft microbrewery, brewpub, and restaurant nestled comfortably in the vibrant heart of downtown Williamsport . . . a city that is, itself, the cultural heart of scenic Northcentral Pennsylvania. Born of fortuitous circumstance and ambitious aspiration, we opened in August of 1996 with a committed 'focal on local' philosophy and a simple goal . . . to be the place that people need to spend time, to brew beers that people need to have in their life, to offer food that people need to eat, to offer live music that people need to hear, and to be the kind of place that our people need to work.
Southern Tier Brewing Company Tasting Room

Southern Tier Brewing Company Tasting Room (395.44 miles)

2072 Stoneman Cir

Lakewood, New York


Founders Phineas DeMink and Allen "Skip" Yahn started the brewery with the vision of reviving the practice of small-batch brewing to a region rich in brewing tradition. In 2002, with equipment gained from the purchase of the Old Saddleback Brewing Co. in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, the Southern Tier Brewing Company began production in the woods just outside of Lakewood, New York. By 2003, select varieties of small batch ales were locally distributed, and by 2005, sales to a rapidly growing base of fans covered the majority of New York State and Pennsylvania. The brewery produced Pilsner, Mild Ale, and India Pale Ale before adding a successful roster of seasonal beers to the portfolio.
Voodoo Brewing Company Tasting Room

Voodoo Brewing Company Tasting Room (415.29 miles)

101 Boston Store Pl

Erie, Pennsylvania


The Employee Owners of Voodoo Brewing Co. have taken our brewing experiences and quirky personalities and wrapped it up into a line of beers oriented around what we feel are fun, flavorful, and thought-provoking. We wish you enjoy our beers as much as we do brewing them. Cheers!

Goodwood (509.90 miles)

636 E Main St

Louisville, Kentucky


Touched by wood. Brewed with limestone water.
Cheaha Brewing Company Tasting Room

Cheaha Brewing Company Tasting Room (552.29 miles)

1208 Walnut Ave

Anniston, Alabama


Downtown Anniston's First Brew Pub is Here! Cheaha Brewing Company is unlike any other pub style restaurant that has ever existed in the City of Anniston in modern times. CBC operates as a fully functioning brew pub. We serve finely crafted beer brewed onsite in our brewery. Our beer is paired with uniquely prepared dishes using locally grown, organic produce/dairy products and all natural meats.
Pizza D' Action

Pizza D' Action (554.61 miles)

3928 US Highway 80 W

Phenix City, Alabama

Bell's Brewery, Inc.

Bell's Brewery, Inc. (613.08 miles)

8938 Krum Ave

Comstock, Michigan


World of Beer

World of Beer (628.45 miles)

Comstock, Michigan

World of Beer

World of Beer (628.45 miles)

3402 Technological Ave

Orlando, Florida

Founders Brewing Co. Tasting Room

Founders Brewing Co. Tasting Room (651.44 miles)

235 Grandville Ave SW

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Goose Island Beer Co. Tasting Room

Goose Island Beer Co. Tasting Room (695.78 miles)

1800 West Fulton St

Chicago, Illinois


Our brewery was built in 1995 and has more than doubled in size since originally built. We bring you our tasty pints using 32 fermenters, over 15 different yeasts, state-of-the-art filters, centrifuges and a 50 barrel JV Northwest 5 vessel system that brews 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It turns out that making awesome brews is quite the science. Luckily our brewery facilities have all the equipment necessary to deliver results.
Saint Louis Brewery Tasting Room

Saint Louis Brewery Tasting Room (747.73 miles)

2100 Locust St

St. Louis, Missouri


When we opened in 1991, we had no business plan beyond wanting to make great beer and food in a fun atmosphere and enjoy it with our community. To this day, our goals remain unchanged. The Saint Louis Brewery, maker of Schlafly Beer is proud to be Missouri's largest locally owned independent brewery. Each year, we brew over fifty unique styles of fresh beer, roughly half of which we bottle and half of which are exclusively available on draft at our two brewery-restaurants. We have a unique beer style for every beer lover, and hope you'll enjoy our selections at your favorite local stores, restaurants, and bars.
Boulevard Brewing Co. Tasting Room

Boulevard Brewing Co. Tasting Room (982.22 miles)

2534 Madison Ave

Kansas City, Missouri


Founded in 1989, Boulevard Brewing Company has grown to become the largest specialty brewer in the Midwest. Our mission is simple: to produce fresh, flavorful beers using the finest ingredients and the best of both old and new brewing techniques.
Top of The Crown KC Grill

Top of The Crown KC Grill (990.92 miles)

2-96 Beirut Cir

Kansas City, Missouri


Together with the Kansas City International Airport and HMSHost, a world leader in travel dining and shopping, the Kansas City Royals announce the opening of the Top of the Crown Grill at KCI. Travelers will be able to enjoy a great menu of food and beverage items in the Royals-themed restaurant.
Avery Brewing Company Tasting Room

Avery Brewing Company Tasting Room (1,548.27 miles)

4910 Nautilus Ct

Boulder, Colorado


Lagunitas Brewing Company Tasting Room

Lagunitas Brewing Company Tasting Room (2,459.65 miles)

1280 N. McDowell Blvd

Petaluma, California


The Lagunitas Brewing Company is a brewery founded in 1993 in Lagunitas, California. The company is completely owned by Heineken International, and it is known for iconoclastic interpretations of traditional beer styles, and irreverent descriptive text and stories on its packaging.
Anderson Valley Brewing Company Tasting Room

Anderson Valley Brewing Company Tasting Room (2,498.83 miles)

17700 Highway 253

Boonville, California


Anderson Valley Brewing Company was founded on December 26th, 1987 in the town of Boonville, CA.  In the beginning, we brewed out of a modest 10-barrel brewhouse located in the lower level of our original brewpub, The Buckhorn Saloon. At the time, we were one of only 20 craft breweries in the country and have long been considered one of the pioneers of the craft beer industry. For over 25 years, Anderson Valley Brewing Company has been hand-crafting authentic ales and lagers with balance and complexity and a passion for sustainable brewing practices. Our large solar panel array provides over 40% of our electrical needs, while 100% of our waste water is treated and used for the irrigation of our goat pastures and estate hop fields. In addition, our spent grain is given to local cows and spent hops are used as a natural fertilizer.
North Coast Brewing Company Tasting Room

North Coast Brewing Company Tasting Room (2,524.60 miles)

455 N Main St

Fort Bragg, California


A pioneer in the Craft Beer movement, North Coast Brewing Company opened in 1988 as a local brewpub in the historic town of Fort Bragg, located on California's Mendocino Coast. Under the leadership of President & Co-Founder Mark Ruedrich, the brewery has developed a strong reputation for quality having won more than 110 awards in national and international competitions.
Elysian Brewing Tasting Room

Elysian Brewing Tasting Room (2,549.84 miles)

Seattle, Washington

Elysian Brewing operates four Seattle restaurants – Elysian Capitol Hill, Elysian Tangletown, Elysian Fields, Elysian Bar, and a full production brewery – Elysian Airport Way, in the Georgetown neighborhood. Known for variety, Elysian has brewed over 350 craft beers since it opened on Capitol Hill in 1996.
Redhook Brewlab

Redhook Brewlab (2,550.19 miles)

714 E Pike St

Seattle, Washington


In 1981, Redhook founders, Gordon Bowker and Paul Shipman, had a vision to bring Seattle a better beer than the light yellow fizzy stuff that was widely available at the time. Seizing upon the progressive energy of other pioneering Emerald City brands, the two established Seattle's Redhook Ale Brewery. From modest beginnings in an old transmission shop in the Ballard neighborhood, to a former trolley car barn in Fremont, Redhook has always embodied the spirit of Seattle. After 35 years, Seattle's Original Craft Brewery is still brewing fresh, innovative craft beers for the new generations of beer lovers.
Pyramid Seattle Alehouse

Pyramid Seattle Alehouse (2,550.36 miles)

1201 First Avenue South

Seattle, Washington


In 1984, our founders were inspired to discover a new way of crafting beer, bringing together adventure, friends and bold new flavors and innovation. Their pioneering spirit gave the PAC Northwest the groundbreaking, highly hopped Pyramid Pale Ale-a beer well ahead of its time-as well as many others that have withstood the test of time. Today, we share this spirit of with you. Adventures, no matter the size, are planned and celebrated over great beers. Where will you find your Pyramid? The time to explore is now.
McMenamins Six Arms BrewPub

McMenamins Six Arms BrewPub (2,550.45 miles)

Seattle, Washington

Hagerty's Sports Bar

Hagerty's Sports Bar (2,550.65 miles)

1325 6th Ave

Seattle, Washington


Hagerty's Sports Bar keeps you up-to-date on all the action. With HDTVs throughout the dining area and sports memorabilia on the walls, you won't want to watch the game anywhere else.
Pike Brewing Company Tasting Room

Pike Brewing Company Tasting Room (2,550.93 miles)

1415 1st Ave

Seattle, Washington


It was 1989 and Charles and Rose Ann Finkel finally realized a long time dream to open their own brewery in Seattle. During their travels the Finkels had fallen in love with the many beers of Europe, including ales in England, fruit beers in Belgium and pils, dunkels and dopplebocks in Bavaria. Inspired to bring these malty brews back home, where light, mass produced lagers still dominated the American palate, they pioneered a beer & wine importing business. Working with the world's greatest brewers was inspiring as was seeing how Washington's wine industry was growing. The Finkels knew that the time was right to start brewing their own full-flavored beers for Seattle.
Orlison Brewing Company Tasting Room

Orlison Brewing Company Tasting Room (2,550.98 miles)

2210 Westlake Ave

Seattle, Washington


Advernterous ales and laid-back lagers.
Old Stove Brewing Company Tasting Room

Old Stove Brewing Company Tasting Room (2,551.01 miles)

1525 1st Ave # 16

Seattle, Washington


If you've been to Seattle's Pike Place Market, you've watched fish fly, you've fed a bronze pig named Rachel, you've shopped endless rows of crafts, flowers and food, you've gazed out at Elliott Bay. And you probably got a little thirsty. At Old Stove Brewery we are serving Market-made craft beer and delicious fare. Find us downtown, on First Avenue between Pike and Pine.
Schilling Cider

Schilling Cider (2,552.25 miles)

Seattle, Washington

Main Street Brewing Company Tasting Room

Main Street Brewing Company Tasting Room (2,624.58 miles)

261 E 7th Ave

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Main Street Brewing Co. resides in one of Vancouver's few surviving industrial heritage buildings, the "Vancouver Breweries Garage" (1913), in the historic Brewery Creek district.
Faculty Brewing Co. Tasting Room

Faculty Brewing Co. Tasting Room (2,624.91 miles)

1830 Ontario St

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Faculty Brewing Co. is the brainchild of husband-and-wife team Mauricio, the head brewer, and Alicia, the architect behind the brewery's design. Seeing a need to make craft beer more accessible to the masses, they found their perfect location in the former space of bicycle shop Pedal Bike Depot and began to make their idea a reality. The Faculty name was born out of Mauricio's experience as a professor, the wish to educate and empower people with craft beer knowledge, and the idea that the brewery would share all the information behind the brewing process, including the recipes. We aim to work with other breweries and local home brewers to test new recipes and experiment with innovative ideas. Like a university or college, Faculty Brewing Co. is meant to be a place of idea-sharing and collaboration.
Lions Pub at Terminal City Club

Lions Pub at Terminal City Club (2,625.80 miles)

888 W Cordova St

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Mahony & Sons, Burrard Landing

Mahony & Sons, Burrard Landing (2,625.89 miles)

#36 1055 Canada Pl

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Harviestoun Brewery Tasting Room

Harviestoun Brewery Tasting Room (4,067.08 miles)

Hillfoots Business Village Alva Industrial Estate

Alva, Clackmannanshire, Scotland


It all started on a sunny day on October 5th, 1983. We'd love to say that it was one of the most memorable days of founder, Ken Brooker's life, but that night he hosted one of his legendary tasting sessions and he can't remember much about it. In the years that follow, Ken continues to brew beers in his shed and host his friends. Word spreads and his friends begin to bring along their friends and their friends' friends, until eventually Tuesday nights at Ken's attracts up to 40 people!
Paulaner Brewery Group

Paulaner Brewery Group (4,720.53 miles)

Munich, Germany


The Paulaner Brewery Group is one of the most successful brewery groups in Germany with significant growth markets abroad. It owns well-known high quality brand beers such as Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr, Auerbräu, Thurn und Taxis and Hopf. We enjoy above average market success both at home and globally with our traditional speciality beers. Our motivated and committed personnel are the main driving force behind this success. If you want to build on the brewery's success with us using the motto "Gut, besser, Paulaner", you have come to the right place.
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